Covenant And KingdomFor many, Scripture falls into much the same category as Shakespeare:  valued and enjoyed, but seldom understood.  It is not, however, out of reach.

Although the great Biblical themes of Covenant and Kingdom find their fullest expression in Jesus, Covenant goes all the way back to the beginning, when the only thing required was to maintain the “oneness” that God had created.  After the Fall, the way was blocked; yet, God built a bridge, in Covenant, back to us.  In Jesus, that Covenant was fulfilled, as on the cross, he offered himself as the ultimate blood sacrifice.

And then, as we experience Covenant, we are challenged with the unmistakable thought that we are living in a very real and very powerful Kingdom.  We have a responsibility that goes far beyond simply living good lives, making sure we do more good than bad.  The mandate to make disciples, essentially reproducing Christ in us and then in those who are near us, is the strength of the Kingdom that will forcefully advance on the very gates of Hell.

We hope you can join us this October and November as we go an incredible journey to re-discover our Covenant and to re-engage our Kingdom!

  • October 5 // “Abraham: Covenant” (Adam Jones)
  • October 12 // “Joseph: Kingdom” (Adam Jones)
  • October 19 // “Moses: Covenant & Kingdom” (Adam Jones)
  • October 26 // “Jesus and The Temptations” (Adam Jones)
  • November 2 // “Jesus and The Cross” (Adam Jones)
  • November 9 // “Jesus, Paul and The Church” (Adam Jones)