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We were meant to be something much, much stronger and more unified than we’ve ever experienced, so that’s why we’re launching 2015 with the longest series of messages that we’ve ever put together!

Everything we know about God and His Kingdom points to one undeniable fact:  We were made to be family.  But not just any old family.  We’re a “Family On Mission,” a family that moves together, works together, fights together, loves together and celebrates together.  In the first several hundred years after Jesus’ life, that’s exactly how the Church grew…through “Families On Mission.”  Somehow, though, we’ve forgotten what that’s like, the power of being together.

So we’ve put together the biggest series that we’ve ever worked on and we want to help you answer three distinct questions:

  1. What is it?
  2. How does it work?
  3. How do we know we’re winning?

Join us on Sunday mornings as we listen to what God is saying to us!

What Is “Family On Mission?”

  • January 4 // “If It Happened Then…It Can Happen Now” (Adam Jones)
  • January 11 // “God Is Family” (Adam Jones)
  • January 18 // “Jesus Creates A Family” (Adam Jones)
  • January 25 // “Jesus Transforms His Family” (Adam Jones)

How Does Jesus’ Family Work?

  • February 1 // “Financial Capital” (Adam Jones)
  • February 8 // “Intellectual Capital” (Jason Galley)
  • February 15 // “Physical Capital” (Chad McKibben)
  • February 22 // “Relational Capital” (Jason Galley)
  • March 1 // “Spiritual Capital” (Adam Jones)

How Do We Know Jesus’ Family Is Winning?

  • March 8 // “Love” (Adam Jones)
  • March 15 // “Faith” (Jason Galley)
  • March 22 // “Hope” (Adam Jones)
  • March 29 // “The Gospel Of You” (Adam Jones)