UN-Necessary Sins Poster

We allow certain habits to help us deal with life, but sometimes the bad habits can become part of our identity.  It’s time to separate ourselves from these ‘necessary’ habits and recognize them for what they really are: Sins.  This four-week series covers lying, gossip, lust, and anger and teaches us how to replace these sin-nature habits with obedience and grace.

  •  March 23 // “Lying” (Adam Jones)
  •  March 30 // “Gossip” (Jason Galley)
  •  April 6 // “Lust” (Adam Jones)
  • April 13 // “Anger” (Adam Jones)

If you would to catch up on previous weeks of the “unNecessary Sins” series, you can do so here.  We hope you can join us this Sunday at 10:35 am!