Redefining Normal

For many of us, “normal” Christianity is comfortable and secure, isolated, and based on all the evils we don’t do.  But what if our “norm” isn’t so normal to God?  What if God isn’t satisfied for us to settle for “normal” in our lives?  Our world needs Christians to be more than disciplined, more than moral, and more than honest…our world needs Christians to be different.  And if we’re going to be different, we have to redefine what “normal” is.  If you have the courage to redefine “normal,” or if you want to have the courage, come on this journey with us.  We don’t claim to have all the answers, because we’re on the journey as well.  But from just a few steps ahead, we can tell you it is the adventure of a lifetime!

  • July 6 // “Jesus Changes Everything” (Adam Jones)
  • July 13 // “Redefining Normal Faith” (Adam Jones)
  • July 20 // “Redefining Normal Hope” (Adam Jones)
  • July 27 // “Redefining Normal Love” (Adam Jones)