The Other Side Of Normal

  • So you’ve decided to redefine normal, but what’s next?  Once we’ve crashed through the glass ceiling of the status quo, all of us who dare to take flight suddently are confronted by a brand new challenge:  What do we do now?  The Other Side Of Normal is a journey for everyone who doesn’t want to just read about an adventure; they want to take one.  It’s for everyone who doesn’t want to just study history; they want to make history.  It’s for all who are crying out:  So what?  Now what?  Then what??  It’s for those who want to fly.
  • August 3 // “Flying Pigs” (Adam Jones)
  • August 10 // “Training Wings:  The Responsibility of Discipline” (Adam Jones)
  • August 17 // “Flying High:  The Opportunity of Morality” (Adam Jones)
  • August 24 // “Tailspin:  The Vulnerability of Confession” (Adam Jones)